In May, Brown ruled that Hubbart should be freed under tight supervision in Los Angeles County, where he up and where he lived briefly the last time he was released from prison in 1993. Once Hubbart is conditionally freed, he will have to wear an

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed the accuracy of a story in the Los Angeles Times on secret depositions from Benghazi witnesses earlier this month Monday in a State Department press conference.

This past week, the Los Angeles Times took a little-noticed step that could have a profound impact on your children's and grandchildren's future: it decided to ban climate change deniers from its pages. If this step catches onĀ 

About 4.2 million Californians are affected by the drop in benefits, including more than 1.1 million residents of Los Angeles County. And many local businesses will be hurt as well, because California's food stamp recipients will be spending $46million

One lesson from the failed spin on Benghazi hasn't quite sunk in at the White House. When one tosses the intelligence community under the bus, they have the ability to do some tossing themselves. The Los Angeles TimesĀ 


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