Atlas Lighting Reviews

Atlas lighting offers a wide range of lighting solutions to industries and even households. Lighting is a very important thing and it is, merely, impossible for anybody in today’s world to exist without lights. Different types of lights are used for different purposes. A light that is used in the hall for watching television is different than that of the light that is used in the study room for purpose of studying and hence, different lights are produced for different purposes by Atlas lighting.

About Atlas lighting
Atlas lighting is a very trusted name in the world of lighting. Few of the things that every person should know about Atlas lighting are as follows: –

1.Atlas lighting while producing lighting products not only takes care of the quantity and quality of light that is generated by the lighting products; it also takes care of the energy consumption. It tries its level best to produce lighting products are consumes low level of electricity.

2.The entire Atlas lighting products are produced in their manufacturing centre, that is, located at Burlington, NC. The products undergo a very strict quality control process before they are released in the market.

Atlas Lighting

Types of products of Atlas lighting
As mentioned above, there are various types of Atlas lighting products available in the market and few of them are as follows:

Atlas Lighting Types

1.Fluorescent industrial lighting – Fluorescent industrial lighting is produced by Atlas lighting for industries specifically. This lighting should be fixed in places in industries where the workers will need more light for completing the task. These lights are designed in such a way that multiple lights can also be fitted at a particular place thus, allowing more light.

2.Wall lighting – This wall lighting is produced by Atlas lighting in such a way that these lights should be fixed directly to the wall. These wall lighting are, basically, put on roads so that people on the road can see things even when it is dark. In many places, it is put above the table so that the person working on that particular table can see things accurately.

3.Flood lights – Floods lights produced by Atlas lighting is similar to that of the wall lighting but the quantity of light produced by flood lighting is more as compared to that of wall lighting. These flood lights are fixed in places where excess light is needed like on roads where cars keep on running.

4.HID industrial lighting – HID industrial lighting is produced by Atlas lighting by keeping the needs of industrial worker in mind. This HID lighting is concentrated at one place; they have a covering over the bulb so that the light that comes out is concentrated on one area so the worker can see things very accurately.

Atlas Lighting

Atlas lighting products are available in the market through dealers and they are not into sales of their goods directly. If a person is willing to be a distributor of Atlas lighting products then they just need to register themselves on the website.