ABC Chicago is reporting that Charlie Trotter, the legendary Chicago chef who redefined American cooking, died this morning at the age of 54.

I've eaten about 50,000 meals in my life, give or take a few. I remember the very best one. It was at Charlie Trotter's in Chicago. That restaurant, considered among the very best in America during its 25-year-run, closed last year. The chef and owner

The shocking death of famed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter brought out fond remembrances from the food world as news of the 54-year-old's passing spread nationwide. Trotter had recently closed his eponymous Chicago restaurant and had announced he 

With a culinary style he likened to improvisational jazz, Charlie Trotter changed the way Americans view fine dining, pushing himself, his staff, his food, and even his diners to limits rarely seen in an American restaurant.

Famed Chicago Chef Charlie Trotter died today at the age of 54. Sources say Trotter was brought to Northwestern Memorial's emergency room in cardiac arrest and pronounced dead shortly before noon. WGN was toldĀ 


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