It wasn't hard to see the writing on the wall for Blockbuster's rapidly declining disc-based movie services, and it's now clear that the end is at hand.

DISH announced this morning that it will be closing down the remaining Blockbuster brick-and-mortar retail locations that it owns, and ending the company's..

After years of clinging to life, Dish Network has announced it will pull the plug on its remaining 300 Blockbuster Video brick-and-mortar locations by early..

Time to say a bittersweet goodbye to the video store. Dish Network has announced that it will be closing the remaining 300 Blockbuster franchise stores, as well as the company's DVD by mail service, by early 2014, 

It is indeed the end for Blockbuster Video. The DVD rental chain is closing the last 300 of its company-owned stores by early January, and its online disc rental service. Parent company Dish Network says it will still support franchised stores, but


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