Director Gavin Hood and actors Suraj Partha and Asa Butterfield on the set of "Ender's Game." (Richard Foreman / Summit Entertainment).

Just one week after Gravity bequeathed its box office throne to Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, another space tale will likely soar into the top spot at the U.S. marketplace. The long-awaited adaptation of sci-fi classic Ender's Game hits theaters this

Intricately designed and packed with intelligent, impactful ideas, “Ender's Game” is both a lofty science fiction adventure and an excellent anti-bullying parable. Unlike the YA films preceding “Ender's Game,” director and screenwriter Gavin Hood

Warning: Huge, epic, intergalactic spoilers to follow. Consider yourself warned, launchie.] Like a lot of other movie fans (about $9.9 million worth of them, actually), I went to Ender's Game last night to see how Orson Scott 

Orson Scott Card's science fiction novel Ender's Game has been a touchstone for teenage readers for nearly 30 years. Critic Kenneth Turan says a new film version shows why Ender, the story's hero, is so appealing to young people. Copyright © 2013 NPR.


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