Last Friday at a Halloween party in Beverly Hills, Calif., the actress Julianne Hough and several friends dressed up as the jailbird cast from the Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black.” Wearing an orange jumpsuit, Ms. Hough, who is blonde and blue

In years past, Valve has handled the Halloween items for Team Fortress 2, bringing hats like the Ghostly Gibus and the Infernal Impaler to the free-to-player shooter. This year, however, the developer is taking a slightly different approach. Players

Today's mix of parties, pranks, and profit is a far cry from Halloween's ancient origins. Over the centuries the celebration has seen a lot of changes, and we've summed them up here for you—along with the latest facts and figures for 2013, including

(CNN) — Half the fun of Halloween is coming up with new, creative outfits that will blow your friends' minds and maybe scare a few impressionable children. (The other half, obviously, is candy.) Technology can help. Take, for example, that classic

Paris Hilton Meets Her Halloween Inspiration Miley Cyrus!


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