It's Call of Duty: Ghosts day around the world, with Activision's shooter franchise launching for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 today. Our review is already online, but it focuses on the next-gen PlayStation 4 version.

With a story ripped not from the headlines but seemingly from a strategy guide for the Parker Brothers board game Risk — control of a unified South America is the best possible starting point for global military domination — Call of Duty: Ghosts is

While Call of Duty is often regarded as the epitome of the annualized, cynically produced, lazily constructed videogame franchise, I've alwa

Call of Duty: Ghosts represents a new set of challenges for Activision's flagship series. Ghosts marks the first game to transition to a new generation of platforms since the franchise gained its fame with Modern Warfare, and it 

It's seriously lacking in Swayze, but Call of Duty: Ghosts still notches three and a half stars in our review. According to Xav, the latest entry in Activision's flagship shooter series "is a solid installment, but it lacks creativity and 


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