In the short piece 'My Favorite Day,' animator Penelope Gazin reminds us of the true meaning of Halloween.

Hello friends! Today is a busy day of costumes and parades and trick-or-treating with the fam, so I'm taking the day to enjoy all the fun! The kids carved their Jacks yesterday and the neighbors got a kick seeing them all lit up 

It's Halloween, which means it's time for alleged adults to abscond with what used to be a simple holiday for kids. In that spirit, here's a video from Google Google that shows how to make a zombie jack-o-lantern. Or, for the carving-challenged like me

Halloween is now the second-largest commercial holiday in the United States and, from the candy to the costumes and decorations, a much bigger business than one might think. It's bigger than the sales of pumpkins, chocolates, masks and makeup. In fact 

Happy Halloween from Crooks and Liars Happy Halloween from everyone here at C&L. How many trick or treaters were at your house tonight? Driftglass and I usually get about 250, but it rained hard today and is drizzling 


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