Walmart was the first major retailer to recognize the money-making potential of the Robertsons, cementing a relationship back when they were simply the offbeat Louisiana clan behind Duck Commander, their family business, a successful manufacturer of 

Los Angeles police arrested more than 50 people out of a crowd of 200 protesting what they believe to be unfairly low wages provided by Walmart.

A technical glitch led Walmart to mark down a ton of brand new video games early this morning, and as a result, some lucky shoppers got their hands on $60 games like Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 4 for just $18 each.

Quartz: For a long time, having the best supply chain was enough. This is how Walmart became the powerhouse retailer it is: by building the largest, broadest, most efficient system for moving products across the United States. Read the whole story at

If you thought you got an insanely great deal on on Wednesday, a computer glitch might have been to blame.


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