A gunman opened fire Friday morning at LAX near Terminal 3, injuring several people and prompting an evacuation at the airport, ABC News reports. Few details were immediately released, but images from NBC Los Angeles and photos posted to social 

The AR-15 is among the most common rifles in the United States, but are banned in many states as a result of increasingly stringent gun laws. This image gives the best look of the scene: Screen Shot 2013 11 01 at 2.44.22 

Actor James Franco was sitting on a plane at the airport when the shooting happened. "At #lax. Some s**tbag shot up the place," he tweeted. Another witness, Tory Belleci of television's “Mythbusters,” tweeted: “Heard gun shots then everyone starting

UPDATE 3:28 p.m.- According to MSNBC, Paul Anthony Ciancia is the suspect in the Los Angeles International Airport shooting. Authorities say they do not believe the 23-year-old has any connection to the TSA, but does hold 

The shooting incident, which sent passengers in the airport scrambling for cover, disrupted flights nationwide as planes headed for Los Angeles were temporarily grounded. In all, authorities said, some 746 flights were affected, including those


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