TODAY, on All Saints Day, the Church commemorates the saints in heaven, all of them, those who are known to us and those who lived in obscurity. As we rejoice in them, the saints bow down from eternity and say, “Come, 

All Saint's Day observances have commenced in the Philippines with candles and cemeteries. Families have been sprucing up the tombs of family members, in cemeteries which are often comprised of multi-level crypts. The predominantly Catholic country 

Roman Catholics, don't forget that today is All Saints Day. That means it's a a Holy Day of Obligation in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. Yes, that means you're supposed to go to Mass today (unless you have a really good reason, such as illness

celebrating all saints day with kids. By clicking the picture above, you'll find all of my All Saints' day costume ideas, treat buckets, food ideas, game ideas, and more! Also, be sure to check out my Saint Puppet e Book- you'll 

All Saints Day, or the Feast of All Saints, is observed on Nov. 1, when residents traditionally use the day to clean family gravestones and install fresh flowers. It is also a holy day of obligation for Catholics. In addition to scheduled Masses in


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