All Saint's Day observances have commenced in the Philippines with candles and cemeteries. Families have been sprucing up the tombs of family members, in cemeteries which are often comprised of multi-level crypts. The predominantly Catholic country 

MANILA, Philippines — Millions across the Catholic Philippines trooped to cemeteries to honor their dead in typically festive fashion on All Saints' Day Friday, ignoring appeals from the Church to keep the day solemn. Police in the capital Manila were

TODAY, on All Saints Day, the Church commemorates the saints in heaven, all of them, those who are known to us and those who lived in obscurity. As we rejoice in them, the saints bow down from eternity and say, “Come, 

Archbishop Gregory Aymond will celebrate All Saints' Day Mass at 10 a.m. Friday at St. Anthony of Padua Church, 4640 Canal St. Blessing of the graves will follow at St. Patrick Cemetery. Other archdiocese and private cemeteries will mark All Saints

As we mark this All Saints Day, it is tempting to put saints, literally, on a pedestal. Just look around this church. We see saints in stained glass, in wood, in marble. They are plaster figures we put on a shelf and decorate with flowers or adorn with


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