Sermon Text: Revelation 7:9-19. November 3, 2013; All Saints Day (observed). In the Name X of Jesus. AMEN! Beloved in the Lord,. Seeing what John Sees. Steadfast Sermons Graphic John sees with his eyes what we can 

“There is no saint without a past. There is no sinner without a future.” St Augustine. I love All Saints Day. I love exiting from Mass and watching the traffic pass by. I always think, “it's so cool that while the rest of the world is 

MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) – Millions of Filipinos flocked to cemeteries to honor their departed loved ones on the All Saints' Day. At the North Cemetery, the largest cemetery in Metro Manila which covers 54 hectares of land, there were around 1

TODAY, on All Saints Day, the Church commemorates the saints in heaven, all of them, those who are known to us and those who lived in obscurity. As we rejoice in them, the saints bow down from eternity and say, “Come, 

In homeschooling our children, I have never given them a grade for their religious studies. When asked why, my response is simple: When we die, the grade is either Pass, Fail, or Incomplete. No letters. No numbers. Today we 


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