So Far, So Good for Twitter

November 8, 2013 |  Tagged | Leave a Comment

So many of the great moments you share on Twitter are made even better with photos or with videos from Vine. These rich Tweets can bring your followers closer to what's happening, and make th

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter's rocketing IPO takes two of its founders on a ride into billionaire territory and a wave of millionaires along for the journey. The micro-blogging service, based here, went public on the NYSE as shares opened at $45.10 and

Every day, a growing number of people log in to Twitter. Usually these login attempts come from the genuine account owners, but we occasionally hear from people whose accounts have been compromised

Now that Twitter has a market capitalization of at least $24.9 billion, more than a few of the social network's 230 million users have noticed their tweets are making other people rich. Many people want their cut. So what would that be exactly? TIME

When the markets open Thursday morning, Twitter will officially become a public company. The microblogging service begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange starting at 9:30 a.m. ET under the ticker symbol TWTR. Here are five things you need to 


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