Are you looking for a killer soundtrack for your upcoming Halloween party? Maybe you are just trying to relive your favorite Halloween tunes. Either way, check out our list of the ten best Halloween songs ever made.

Trying to get into the Halloween spirit? Dance along to our list of creepy hits: 1.) Thriller, Michael Jackson. We had to start the list with one of our favorite classics: Michael Jackson's Thriller. The song's album was originally supposed to be

Odds are if you hate Christmas, you love Halloween. Christmas is about family, hunkering down by a fireplace and bell-laden music centered around the same chubby old dude. Halloween on the other hand is about going out with your friends dressed up like 

Creepy things come out at night around Halloween time. So do revelers seeking drink specials, live music or perhaps a movie to go with their zombie or sexy-cop costumes. Entertainment-oriented events are happening at Sacramento-area venues on 

With the coming holiday on Thursday, millennials may be looking for music of the dark and macabre variety to get them in the mood for one autumn's most anticipated events. Without further ado, I give you the optimum optimo of classical music, fit for 


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